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Our Blueprint To Attract & Retain Best Brains 

Decent Wage

People work for all sorts of reasons, but the main one is pay. You cannot expect to be considered a great employer if you don’t pay well. It need not be above the norm for your industry, just a good, honest, fair wage. If you don’t, all of the fancy creative benefits in the world won’t make up for the fact that your people will feel underpaid and unappreciated.  If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Cultivation of Whole Person

Great workplaces appreciate that people have various skills and interests. They are about more than having that person do their narrow job every day. Instead of denying that people have interests outside of work, great employers use that. We want our team to have the best of both world. Feel at home. Conducive environment.

Culture that is creative and fun

We are a work place not a prison yard.  One thing for sure is that we want to cultivate an atmosphere of looseness and creativity.

Reward for Great Customer Service

Business is all about meeting and or exceeding customer expectations. Fostering a good relationships with all our stakeholders. We reward our people for doing just that. We give incentives.

People have lives outside of work

We understand people have lives of their own. Families. Homes. Relatives. Many different things affect their lives. We need to accommodate  them.

Flexible work schedule

In this e-era, employees expect that they will be able to occasionally work where, and even when, they want. The 9-to-5 age is dead. What matters is results. Offering flex-time, allowing people to make schedules that work for them, and being supportive of those choices is an easy and affordable way to attract great employees. Of-course, it doesn't mean people should run private business at company's expense.

Company Mission that inspires our people to do their best

Great businesses are about a lot more than just making money, and the best employers get their employees to buy into their mission. We have a policy of being One Class of Employee. Meaning regardless of the position, great ideas of ordinary people must be incorporated. People get motivated to see their contributions being part of the big picture.

We listen

Employee suggestions are not only welcomed, they are actually implemented.

It is human nature to resist oppressive rules.  We hate unnecessary rules that shape people's behavior to conform.  We are partners in everything we do.

Invaluable Lessons from South Africa: Transforming Corporate South Africa into non-racial, non-sexist has been an ongoing struggle. It began in early 1990s when it became clear that white minority government was at the verge of collapse. Business leaders had to embrace the reality and prepare to create a workplace that would reflect the new social and political order. In the past, companies had everything in duplicate. Separate facilities for blacks and white employees. Wages. Reserved Positions, Salaries & Benefits. Here was unsustainable Economic and Employment Model which eventually crumbled under its own weight.

I worked for world-class organizations that shaped my personal perception of employment and work place:  Tongaat Hullet. BHP Billiton. MTN South Africa  & Nigeria. Telkom South Africa. South African Receiver of Revenue - JC Mbele 

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