Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

To be the Most Innovative and Ultra-Competitive Investment Company in Sub-Saharan Africa. Investing in high quality assets in the areas of Telecommunication. Energy. Property.  Water Infrastructure & Food Production.

Our Customers

The company that fails its customers fails. We will provide the highest value to our customers at competitive price and terms. We will pay closer attention to our Customers, respond promptly to their current needs and continuously evolve to remain relevant to future customer needs.

Our Employees

One Class of Employee. We strongly believe that the most import resource is people who respond positively to recognition, involvement and opportunities for personal and career development. We are most productive and fulfilled in an environment where we empower and are empowered to act. We will address problems and mistakes constructively, learn from them and contribute to their solution. We encourage a team approach with mutually supportive relationship based on objectivity, integrity, openness and trust.

We believe our Employees will develop a commitment to excellence when they are directly involved in the management of their areas of responsibility. The Team Effort maximizes Quality results, minimizes costs.

We believe in Hiring Above-Average People who are willing to work for excellent results. In exchange we are committed to the development of our employees to by identifying, cultivating, training, rewarding and promoting those individuals who are committed to moving our organization forward.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We will provide equal opportunity in employment to all individuals without regard to race, creed, tribe, color, sex, sexual preference, age, handicap or national origin.

Dignity of the Individual

We believe in the Dignity of the individual, and we are totally committed to the fair, honest, kind and professional treatment of all individuals, business partners and organizations with whom we work.

Our Organization

We seek an Organization that is Flexible, innovative, responsive and entrepreneurial at all times. To accomplish this, we will create decentralized business units which have great freedom within our Corporate Strategy and Policy limits, to develop their own business strategies and plans and achieve agreed upon objectives.  Actions will be judged on the extent to which they promote the overall good of the corporation over the separate interests of groups.

Our Growth

We believe in aggressive. steady, predictable and well-planned growth in sales and earnings. We are intent on building a large company that will flourish into the next century. Growth will be achieved both through Acquisitions and Internal Development within the framework that balances the risk of diversification against continued prudent management of current business.

Growth pinned on Teamwork. Excellence. Quality. Integrity and Commitment. To achieve the highest level of  synergy, teamwork will drive our efforts be the a core value in our culture.

In everything we touch, we will set the highest performance standards for both individuals and business units. We will invest in our people and help them develop the knowledge and skills necessary to meet or exceed set standards. We will demand performance consistent with such standards and reward our people in accordance with such standards.

Our Society

We recognize the importance of service to society and will contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. Our Company's business will be conducted in accordance with the law and stated corporate and stated corporate and societal standards of conduct.

Our Ethical and Legal Conduct

Whenever and wherever we do business, our Employees or Representatives  will conduct themselves in accordance with applicable territorial laws, customs and traditions in ways that build a lasting reputation for integrity and good citizenship. Company Employees will make no payments  to obtain special treatment. No employee or Representative will encourage other employees, distributors, suppliers, or any customer to violate any law in order to maintain or gain business for Ulalo Capital Investments Limited.

Always insist on high ethical standards.

Proper Accounting

Compliance with accepted  Accounting Rules and Control is expected of Ulalo Capital Investments Limited, its officers and employees at all times. Accounting and Control Systems will be maintained which are adequate to Provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded from loss or unauthorized use and which produce records adequate for preparation of reliable financial information.

No payment on  behalf of the Ulalo Capital Investments Limited shall be approved or made with the intention or understanding that a part or all such payment is to be used for any purpose purpose other than that described by the documents supporting the payment.

Reporting Compliance

All Employees of Ulalo Capital Investments Limited  are responsible for monitoring and enforcement code of conduct within their specific areas of responsibility.

Our Shareholders

We shall always remember that Our Purpose is to earn money for Our Shareholders and increase the Value of their Investment. We will be a growth company. We will provide our shareholders with acceptable annual growth rate per share earnings while continuously investing in product research and business development to ensure a reliable future.

We believe the best way to earn an acceptable return is by properly utilizing our assets and controlling our cash

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