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Operationalization Strategy


In line with Articles 71 of Memorandum of Association of the Company, Ulalo South Africa - the Company that holds 99% of the issued shares, appointed Board of Directors for Ulalo Capital Investments Limited in Malawi.

The Board shall operate independently. The entire management of the Company shall remain the responsibility of the Board.


The parent company was established in 2005. Ulalo Capital Investments Limited (UCIL) was incorporated in Malawi in 2007. In the same year, we also incorporated Ulalo Telecoms Limited (UTL), a joint venture company between Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund (SAEDF) and UCIL. We jointly invested US$1,000,000 in MTL Consortium that bought 60% of Telekom Malaysia Berhad in TNM.

TNM was Malawi's first mobile telecommunication company. It was launched in 1995. MTL and Telekom Malaysia Berhad were the founding shareholders.

In 2008 MTL Shareholders were transferred to hold Shares directly in TNM in preparation for Initial Public Offering (IPO).  In the same year, 2008, UTL invested additional US$3,472,000 in TNM, making it the significant manority shareholder.  The TNM IPO gave a windfall for all initial shareholders including Ulalo. It resulted into infighting for the windfall. The battle that ensued was protracted and lasted longer than expected. We finally settled our obligations in full and moved the assets into UCL. Today UCIL holds 50,000,000 TNM share. Free of any debt.

TNM has steadily grown in terms of Subscriber base translating into Revenue growth and maximization of Shareholders wealth. There is room for further growth as Malawi remains one of the countries in the region with a large chunk of the population without access to both electricity and telecommunication services.

The need to strengthen the Board with higher caliber professionals is self-explanatory, in this regard, if the company revitalize its vision. Ulalo has therefore appointed its own seven (8) young, talented, energetic and innovative leaders, reputable in their fields of expertise, to keep under constant review and ensure the proper functioning and development of the Company.

The Board would immediately proceed to appoint the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer. Both being Outsiders.


Our Vision is to be the most innovative and ultra-competitive investment company in Sub-Saharan Africa. To be the preferred employer and business partner.

Ulalo Capital Investments Limited is a subsidiary of a South African Company, Ulalo South Africa, well known for its strong capacity in mobilizing resources for both short and long term investments.

Ulalo has been proactive in seeking both short and long-term investment opportunities across Malawi.

The Recruitment Process for Management team is already underway.

Interim Arrangement 

On 20th September, the new Board of Directors convened. On Operationalization, the Board appointed 3 months Interim Management Team to do the ground work grouped in two categories.

  • Operational Structures: Coordination of Recruitment Processes, Appointments of Executive Team,  Premises and Facilities.  The Office of the Group Chief Executive  JC Mbele will champion the process.
  • Clear Outline of Short-term Operational Strategy. Short-term Objectives and Deliverables  to be championed by Executive Director DT Mughogho.

The interim arrangement expires on 31st December 2015 by which the Executive Team will have been appointed and inducted ready to takeover by January 2016.


KPIReality Check. For Ulalo to be successful,  efficient internal processes, good customer relations, long-term strategic investments in employees and technologies will be  needed. These are indispensable active ingredients that demand tough decisions at all times.

We will, therefore, pay detailed attention in creating conducive environment for the Executive Team to unleash their entrepreneurial creativity and best potential to deliver shareholder value.

Our quest to eliminate Guess Work includes development  of the Balanced Scorecard outlining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Financial indicators  model based on the expectancy of our strategic objective. Revenue, Growth, Reductions, Margins, Profitability, Cash Flow, ROI, Forecasts, Customers, Markets, Value Proposition and Service Satisfaction.

Market Share, Retention, New Customers, Satisfaction Indexes, Customers Profitability, Product/Service Attributes

 Internal Perspectives  

We take Internal Perspectives to be  self-healing critical processes necessary for delivery of superior performance in achieving financial measures and goals.

  1. Project Performance
  2. Reflections
  3. Reworks
  4. Cycle Times
  5. Success Rates

If time is money, then speed is a devil.

 Learning and Growth 

Identity and Resources of Our Organizational Framework

  1. Staff Performance,
  2. Employee Satisfaction,
  3. Training
  4. Organizational Culture.

Dashboard Technologies give us capabilities for displaying, trending, analyzing and executing actions to improve performance using the developed balanced scorecard concepts.  We owe it to ourselves and all our stakeholders that we give sense of direction by proactively informing employees, customers, and stakeholders where we are heading.

The dashboard blueprint is steered by the Mission Statement, Vision, Strategic Direction and Initiatives. The framework for this dashboard is built with metrics of clearly defined  strategic goals.

Our Strategies and Initiatives are linked to KPI’s and information from data sources which is  fed into the appropriate indicators for review by management.

We strive to run the race in uniformity. Shared Vision based on factors that will need to be reviewed so that we may fine tune our  indicators to give management the most up-to-date information to run a business successfully.

Every action must be aligned to the reality of the environment in which we operate. In our context, Malawi's Business Environment demands foresight, accurate information and integrated institutional knowledge base.

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