1350 Hectares of Farmland Earmarked for Solar Power Generation

Beyond The Boarders

Forging New Relationships Here & Beyond .....


Property Remains Our Strategic Long-term Investment

Changing The Game Plan

We are Redefining Business Landscape. Flexible Trade Finance. We are introducing Venture Capital Fund to unleash Entrepreneurial Talent.

Renewable Energy

Providing World Class Waste Tire Recycling Technology. We are the Sole Agent of Eco Green Equipment in African Markets. Salt Lake
 City, Utah, USA, based ECO Green Equipment is an international leader 
in the manufacture and design 
of turn-key, cost-effective tire
 recycling systems and integrated shredding equipment

Our Investment Mindset.....

Prudent Man Rule remains our overriding governing Investment Principle. Observing how men of prudence, discretion and intelligence manage their own affairs, not in regard to speculation, but in regard to the permanent disposition of their funds, considering the probable income, as well as the probable safety of the capital to be invested......

Ours Is The Journey To Be The Most Innovative and Ultra-Competitive Investment Company in Sub-Saharan Africa. Investing in high quality assets in the areas of Telecommunication. Energy. Property. Water Infrastructure & Food Production

solar farm

Integrated Land Use: Rice-Fish Farming  and Solar Farm Site 1,350 Ha 

Ours Dream to create and manage a new world of possibilities. We visualize the Value being generated and made available to our stakeholders.

Through change of how things are done, change in organization and relationships.

Ours is a Quest to create a real Value by directing our collective efforts in a coordinated manner and appropriate way towards the emerging opportunities.

We Have A Vision

  • Power Generation
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Food Production & Commodity Trading.
  • Technology & Telecommunication
  • Mining 
  • Industrial & Medical Supplies.
  • Property

Ours is a detailed picture painted with finest brush strokes. In it we see the combination of higher breed of Products and Services that will make a difference, new source of value being created that demands establishment of new relationships.

Ours is an evolving inner conviction that illuminates the path to a new destination. It inspires us to a spire to a new height. It gives us a sense of direction.

It helps us to define our shared objectives and ultimate goals. It gives us sense of warmth and encouragement even when the cloud is dark. It nourishes the development of the Strategy for the Journey ahead. Giving us the moral content and helps to define our social responsibilities.

Ours is defined by the contextWe  are rooted in the country which is struggling with social and economic challenges. Malawi is a country without infrastructure. Without reliable power supply. Without affordable housing schemes. Agriculture remains largely subsistence. Access to Capital  for small and medium enterprise is simply non-existent. The country relies on dwindling tobacco revenue for its Forex earnings. Tourism is in infancy. Extraordinary high bank lending rates. Double digit inflation rate. The economy’s balance of payments transactions and international investment position show that Malawi is largely an importing economy without foreign currency. No manufacturing sector. Formal employment is below 30%

To an average Business Driver, this is a terrain to avoid at all costs as it poses numerous and obvious  business risks. We, however, concur that recycled approaches never gave birth to any modern society. Never in History.

We see it differently. To us Malawi offers enormous business opportunities in almost every sector. Malawi is a virgin economy to be pursued.  Malawi is politically stable. 51 years of undisturbed peace. 20% of the land mass is fresh water. Rivers. Fertile land. Cultivatable swaps. Lakes. Forests. Mountains. The country, by nature's design, has untapped natural resource enough to spur economic development. Its geographic position is strategic. Malawi connects Eastern and Southern blocks of African countries. It is a member  of SADC and COMESA  economic blocks with a staggering population in excess of  500 million consumers. Two strong economies are emerging around the country. Tanzania to the North. Mozambique to the South.

There are many pioneers in the pages of history that feed our self-confidence and belief that nothing is impossible. It takes men and women of vision and courage to build a successful business empire.

Jack Welch,  Legendary Former General Electric CEO put it succinctly ....

  • A Company that aspires to true greatness furnishes its people with big challenges which, when met fill people with self-confidence that can only come from within and only from winning.
  • We now know where productivity - real and limitless productivity comes from. It comes from challenged,  empowered, excited, rewarded teams of people.
  • Let it be cherished that the Desire, and the Ability of an organization to continuously learn from any source, anywhere  and to continuously convert this learning into action is its ultimate competitive advantage.
  • Boundaryless behavior evaluates ideas based on their merit, not on the rank of the person who came up with them.

Robert W. Johnson 1945 wrote...

Institutions, both Public and Private exist because the people want them, believe in them, or at least tolerate them. The day has passed when business society was a private matter - if it ever really was. In a business society, every act of business has social consequences and may rouse public interest. Every time a business hires, builds, sells or buys, it is acting for the people as well as for itself, and it must accept full responsibility for its acts.

Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO  - Advocating Running a company without Bosses

In most organizations, your job title is your identity. And what we discovered, you know, pre-holacracy at Zappos, is that employees have so much more to offer. They’re a full human being that has all these skills, that, if they’re given the right context to collaborate with each other and be creative and help move the company forward, they will do that.

- Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.

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On 15th December 2015, REDISA (Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa) announced the much anticipated adjudication results. Ulalo backed by  ECO Green Equipment emerged as the preferred Tyre Processor. Ulalo will be building own plant and two more plants for the clients using Eco Green Tyre Recycling Technologies.

Employing smart and hi-tech patented technologies, we process waste tires into crumb rubber which is further beneficiated  into a wider range of products for domestic and industrial applications including rubber  manufacturing, construction and civil  engineering industries.

Waste Tires diverted from landfills turned into multi-purpose product thereby keeping South African environment clean and green for future generations to come.

In 2012, Ulalo concluded a Joint Venture Agreement with ECO Green Equipment Inc based in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. They Design, Manufacture and Install Tyre Recycling Equipment world-wide. Ulalo is the sole Technical Representative  in South Africa and the Continent. Call Us Today.

  • 10 Important Features to Include in a Bankable PPA
    The Whole Document is the work  of  Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which  is the U.S. government’s development finance institution. It mobilizes private capital to help solve critical development challenges and, in doing so, advances U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives. A bankable power purchase agreement (PPA) is essentially a long term offtake agreement executed with a creditworthy offtaker and having a Continue Reading...
  • We Buy Prime Properties
    We are now buying Prime Properties around the country.  Vacant Plots. Farms. Finished & unfinished houses. Do not struggle with life when you can convert  your property into cash within 24 hours. Malawi Offices Golden Peacock, Capital City Lilongwe 3, Malawi Email :       info@ulalocapital.com   Contact Us Today     +265  992 222 000      ...
  • The Crumble of Cookies – Financial Risks in Business
    Entrepreneurs understand owning and operating a business involves accepting a level of risk: risk that your business may not succeed, risk that you may not recover your investment. The amount of risk varies between businesses and is an important factor in determining a business's value. The two main types of risk small business owners are exposed to are financial risk Continue Reading...

Our Investments in Malawi Since 2007

  • Telekom Networks Malawi
    In 2007, we were part of the  Press Corporation, MTL Consortium that bought 60% of Telekom Malaysia Berhad in TNM. In 2008, TNM was floated on Malawi Stock Exchange. It has embarked on network expansion, infrastructure upgrade and aggressive marketing. TNM has  steadily grown in terms of Subscriber base translating  into Revenue growth and and maximization of Shareholders wealth. There is room for further Continue Reading...
  • Sunbird Hotels
    Sunbird Hotels and Resorts is the largest hotel chain operator in Malawi, with seven magnificent hotels strategically placed within this majestic country's business hubs and resort areas. Sunbird Malawi is synonymous with Malawian hospitality and has set new standards of excellence for accommodation, cuisine, ambience and attention to detail. Ulalo has held a significant number of shares in Sunbird since Continue Reading...


  • Renewable Energy Program Solves Power Criss in South Africa
    The Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson reported that South Africa’s competitive-bidding model for the procurement of renewable-energy projects from independent power producers (IPPs) had delivered major cost reductions since its introduction in 2011. Speaking to the lawmakers, the Minister said that, in April 2014 terms, the average per kilowatt hour tariff for onshore wind had declined by 55% to an average of Continue Reading...
  • Solar Energy Project – Preliminary Considerations
    Introduction On 6th November 2015, Ulalo Capital Investments Limited and Malawi Government, through the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining concluded the Memorandum of Understanding on the Development of Solar Power Generation that would ultimately generate 200 MW. The Project would be implemented in 50MW chunks over the period of 3-4 years depending on base installed capaicity. When completed, it Continue Reading...
  • Balanced & Sustainable Economic Development
    On 6th November 2015 Ulalo Capital Investments Limited and Malawi Government through the Ministry of Energy concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Solar Energy Power Station that would ultimately generate 200WM. Let it be known that Malawi falls in the Sunbelt area which  receives an estimated solar power 4.5-5.5kwh/M2/day. The current Efficiency Index of Photovoltaic Technology stands between 15 -40%. The Continue Reading...

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  • Steyn City Luxury Self-Catering
    Comfortable Living, Secure & Private Bedrooms: Queen Size En-suite Space: Square: 78 Sq M It can be said without hesitation...
  • Pretoria Luxury Guest Bed
    Comfortable Living, Secure & Private Bedrooms: Double Bed. Twin Single Bed. Space: Square: 78 Sq M The Sunnyside Luxury Guest...
  • Fernbrook Luxury Guest Bed
    Comfortable Living, Secure & Private Executive: Guest Bedroom with Queen Size Bed Space: Square: 65 Sq M The  Fernbrook Guest...

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